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What is Fitlogic®?

Fitlogic is a patented sizing system created to standardize fit so that it feels like the garment was custom-made.  Conceptualized and developed by Cricket Lee, Fitlogic was scientifically developed and tested over a 15-year period. The Fitlogic system provides you with a personal two-number decimal system to identify both your size and shape. Knowing your Fitlogic® symbol is the key to getting perfect fitting bottoms.

How does the Fitlogic Fit Quiz work?

The Fitlogic Fit Quiz helps customers identify their unique shape by answering a few simple questions in relation to their traditional pant size and body shape, as well as where they tend to gain/lose weight.  This information is then combined to give your Fitlogic size consisting of two numbers.  For example, 8.2 representing a ‘size 8’ with a ‘shape 2’ body type.

Once customers know their Fitlogic size, they are able to purchase pants that are truly made for their body type, solving the most common fit issues that women experience when purchasing pants off the rack, such as:

• Shape 1 (straight) – pants are often too tight in the waist, yet too full in the backside, legs and hips. When pants do fit in the waist, they are usually baggy in the rear and thigh.

• Shape 2 (hourglass) – when pants fit around the hips, they are usually about an inch too large in the waist.

• Shape 3 (curvy) – when pants fit around the hips, the thigh area is usually too tight and the waist is more likely to be loose, resulting in a gap in the back-waist area.

Why is my Fitlogic quiz result size different than what I normally wear?

Most brands do not account for a woman’s shape and in turn often try to accommodate all fit concerns within one size. Measure & Made powered by Fitlogic takes both your size and shape into account often resulting in a smaller size than what you are used to wearing because the pants are personalized for you.

Why are there only 3 body type shapes?

Upon research in evaluating over 60,000 women, Fitlogic has identified that 94.8% of women fall under one of 3 body types or shapes on the bottom, so by developing pants for each size and then each shape, almost any woman can find Fitlogic to fit better than any pants they've tried on off the rack. A small percentage of customers may have to try more than one pair to get the perfect fit.

Is this like a body-shaper or a girdle?

No, Fitlogic does not attempt to mask, restrict or hide who you are! It accentuates your beautiful shape by providing you with the right fit and bring out the best in you. Once you have found your Fitlogic fit, it feel as if it was tailored made just for you!

What if I gain or lose weight?

When there are major changes in your body, such as surgery, childbirth or menopause, then we recommend that you take  the Fitlogic Fit Quiz again. But for the most part, your shape is your shape.  The rule of thumb is that for every 10 to 12 pounds that you gain or lose, you go up or down a full size. So, for instance, if you lose 20 pounds, you would go down two sizes (or if you were a size 10.1, you will now be a 6.1). Or if you gain 12 pounds and you are 6.3, you would go up to an 8.3.  It is that simple with Fitlogic.

Are the pants really stretchy?

No. The pants are made from high quality woven fabric with approximately 4% stretch for added comfort when sitting, bending, or climbing stairs. They have a ‘living’ waistband contoured to your shape that moves with you.

Do the pants have pockets?

All three styles have a seamless silhouette with flat front and invisible side zipper. There are no pockets on our current styles but we do have pants with pockets on our sister website,

Do the Pants have a belt loops?

None of the pant styles presently have belt loops.

Do the Pants have buttons?

Yes, there is an internal button to secure the pant closure.

Do you offer extended (plus) sizes?

Our current size selection in Little Black Pant ranges from size 0 to 18 in 3 shapes each.  However, our sister site extends to size 28 and has the same revolutionary Fitlogic technology.

Do you offer petites or shorter inseams?

We do not offer petites at this time. However, we do offer a few shorter inseams.  We recommend our Crop Pant with 26.5” inseam if you are looking for full length pants for a petite frame 5’2” and under. Our Classic Pant also comes with a choice of shorter inseam in 29” and is a great option if pairing with a heel.

Do you have tall inseams?

Our Classic Pant is available in a 36” inseam.